How to Choose a Healthy Christmas Tree for a Joyful Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and for many, that means it’s time to deck the halls with a beautiful Christmas tree. However, selecting the perfect tree can be a bit more challenging than it seems. To ensure your holiday centerpiece stays vibrant and healthy throughout the season, it’s essential to choose the […]

Which trees shed the most leaves in the fall?

As the brisk winds of autumn begin to sweep away the warmth of summer, our world transforms into a tapestry of vibrant colors. One of the most iconic features of fall is undoubtedly the falling leaves. But have you ever wondered which trees shed the most leaves and why they do so? Join us on […]

Take the Opportunity to Plant a New Tree in September

September is a magical month in northern Maryland when nature begins its transition from the vibrant greens of summer to the warm, fiery hues of fall. It’s also the ideal time to plant trees. Our climate in September offers unique advantages for tree planting, and choosing the right tree species can ensure your efforts thrive. […]

To Cut or Not to Cut?

Baltimore and Harford County have been hit pretty hard the last few weeks with intense storms, including winds in the 70mph range damaging trees, powerlines, homes and structures all over. A lot of you lost trees or sustained tree damage in these storms. So the question is, what do you do with a storm-damaged tree?  […]

Will This Tree Hold Up in a Storm? What to look for 

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Summer weather means pop-up thunderstorms that move quickly, producing high winds, rain, hail, and even tornado warnings. In advance of this type of weather, it’s important to determine if there are any high-risk trees in proximity of your home or valuables that could be damaged if the tree splits or a limb breaks.   Assessing whether […]

Star Magnolia: The Early Blooming Landscape Tree

In these early days of spring, you may not see many things blooming in your yard, except for daffodils and crocuses. Some of the early blooming trees include the wild plum, Taiwan cherry, eastern redbud, and star magnolia. These specimens play an important role in the ecosystem by supplying nourishment to early spring pollinators, like […]

Love is in the air! How some trees need a mate to reproduce.

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When I was a kid, my mom would always note a holly tree and say – “That holly must have a partner nearby.” At that age, I was intrigued by this secret relationship that this holly had that only my mom knew about!  The holly is an example of a dioecious tree. That means the […]

How Do Trees Heal from Cuts?

It’s a delicate matter, trimming trees. It’s not an activity that should be performed haphazardly, without regard to strategy, tactic, or time of year. Trimming a tree, even one branch, creates a wound that the tree must heal, and in the interim leaves internal tissue exposed to pests and disease. When a tree is cut […]

Pine, Spruce or Fir? How to Identify and Select the Best Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season! And If you haven’t gotten your tree yet, well you’re in for a treat. On this year’s tree hunt you’ll be informed on the major differences between the common choices for Christmas tree. Conifers are the evergreen trees that don’t lose their leaves (shaped as needles) over winter and they use cones […]

Why do some trees hold onto their leaves in winter?

Outside along the driveway is a massive white oak with leaves that turn golden and yellow in the fall. The maples around it turn bright shades of orange and red and drop leaves quickly in comparison. Most of the maple leaves are gone by the end of fall. This white oak does drop some leaves […]