Love is in the air! How some trees need a mate to reproduce.

holly tree trimming | glen arm, md

When I was a kid, my mom would always note a holly tree and say – “That holly must have a partner nearby.” At that age, I was intrigued by this secret relationship that this holly had that only my mom knew about!  The holly is an example of a dioecious tree. That means the […]

How Do Trees Heal from Cuts?

It’s a delicate matter, trimming trees. It’s not an activity that should be performed haphazardly, without regard to strategy, tactic, or time of year. Trimming a tree, even one branch, creates a wound that the tree must heal, and in the interim leaves internal tissue exposed to pests and disease. When a tree is cut […]

Pine, Spruce or Fir? How to Identify and Select the Best Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season! And If you haven’t gotten your tree yet, well you’re in for a treat. On this year’s tree hunt you’ll be informed on the major differences between the common choices for Christmas tree. Conifers are the evergreen trees that don’t lose their leaves (shaped as needles) over winter and they use cones […]

Why do some trees hold onto their leaves in winter?

Outside along the driveway is a massive white oak with leaves that turn golden and yellow in the fall. The maples around it turn bright shades of orange and red and drop leaves quickly in comparison. Most of the maple leaves are gone by the end of fall. This white oak does drop some leaves […]

Can this tree be saved?

Hurricane Sandy, Isabelle, Katrina, Harvey – these are some of the most memorable and devastating storms in recent history. Here in Maryland we are impacted by two hurricanes a year, on average. These hurricanes or tropical storms can bring torrential rain, flooding, and high winds that can even produce tornadoes. And conditions like these can […]

Fall Tree Pests: Bagworm and Webworms

As fall approaches, you’ll start to notice clumps of webs popping up in the branches of your trees. There are two pests that become super active in late August and early September, Bagworms and Webworms.  And they leave behind the ugly, yet not super harmful, signs of their work. Let’s distinguish the two first. Bagworms  […]

Will Spotted Lanternflies Damage My Trees?

In Harford and Baltimore Counties we are seeing more Spotted Lanternflies present on homeowners’ properties. They are destructive, invasive species that are harmful to fruit and produce crops, and they’re spreading like a wildfire. They are not dangerous to humans or pets (in the sense that they do not sting or bite) but they should […]

Tips for Selecting Trees for Your Yard

Some of you may be considering placing some new trees in your yard this year. And you’ll find that the selection process isn’t always easy. Before you start thinking about the type of tree you’d like first consider its location and purpose (or function).  When selecting a tree for your yard, define the function of […]

6 Best Shade Trees to Plant in Maryland

Looking to add a little more shade to your property? Studies show that strategically placed shade trees can reduce your electricity bill 25% during hot summer months. Over the course of seasons and years, the cost savings will accrue into thousands of dollars. If you’d like to plant trees to increase shade, there are several […]

Mulch Volcanoes Kill Trees – Tree Mulching Tips

It’s that time of year – the weather has warmed and the risk of frost is gone. You or your landscaper may be planning to spend some time mulching flower beds and trees in your yard. Mulching around trees can be a helpful practice, and it creates a neat, orderly aesthetic. It keeps mowers and […]