During the summer, you should be focused on vacations, picnics and outdoor fun. While you’re doing so, make sure this one items is taken care of – that dead tree standing near your home (or garage / driveway / fence). After all, when you come home from a happy beach vacation, the last thing you want to see is that dead tree, which you should have had removed, has fallen and damaged your property. Proactive dead tree removal saves a world of frustration in the long run.

Most of us already have a growing to-do list of maintenance or improvements around your home this summer. But this is one you shouldn’t ignore, it’s too risky. With the ground being dry, this is a great time to service or remove a dead tree.

Is this a dead tree? Should I take it down?

It depends, some may need to be removed, some just trimmed.

At this time of the summer season, they should be fully leafed out. If they aren’t, they’re probably dying or already dead. It’s also possible that some branches are still alive and the tree is salvageable with trimming.

How close is it your home, vehicles, driveway, parking pad, fence or outdoor structures?

A risk assessment would determine how quickly and what approach should be taken to deal with dead tree removal or trimming of the dead or dying tree.

If it’s dead, so is the root system holding it into the ground. Which is why it’s more likely to come down in a storm.

Check to see if your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy even covers tree damage

Did you know: If a dead tree falls on your home, your home insurance policy may not cover it.

This is true for many homeowners’ policies including those under big names like Allstate and Farmer’s. In fact, to reduce their liability, it’s the insurance company’s job to prove that the tree was dead or dying before it fell on your home.

If it is the case that a tree was dead or dying before it fell, it could be considered negligent of the homeowner’s for not dealing with the tree in advance.

The same is true for dead and dying trees on your neighbor’s property with possibility of landing on yours, and vice versa. Check your specific policy for the exact wording and clauses to determine your liability.

So if you have a dead tree that is questionable, and likely to cause property damage if it falls, have us take a look at it and determine a recommended plan of action.


How do you deal with dead tree removal? Manor Tree Service can help local residents deal with dead & dying tree problems:

As professional, licensed and insured arborists, we will:

So far in Baltimore County and Harford County we’ve had several intense storms that have taken trees down, knocked out power, landed on houses, driveways and cars. It’s hard to watch homeowners deal with these headaches and added costs, especially when they are preventable with some pro-active tree maintenance.

Summer thunderstorms and tornados happen on short notice and wreak havoc! Get prepared so you don’t spend the season worrying or dealing with tree damage.

Our family has been in the tree service business for decades and is local to Glen Arm, MD, Phoenix, MD and the Dulaney Valley area. We’ve got tons of experience and are looking to provide the best customer service and working relationship we can for our customers. Every step, from estimate, to tree service, to clean up and restoration will be hassle free, safe, simple and straightforward.

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