As we work with customers to remove trees on their property, the following question always ensues: “Do you want us to grind the stumps?”


Stump grinding is an important decision, because it determines your plan for mowing, maintaining and doing any other landscape improvements in the area. Once a tree is felled new grass will emerge and the area will need to be maintained if it’s part of your lawn.


Sometimes the customer isn’t aware of the future implications of leaving the stump in place. So we try to educate them so they make the best decision for the future of their yard. Because the last thing we want is to get called back a few weeks later with the homeowner regretting their initial decision not to have us grind the stump while we were onsite.


But let’s get down to stump grinding basics first. If you aren’t familiar with stump grinding, let me explain.


What is stump grinding?

It’s the process by which an  arborist removes the stump after the tree has been cut down. Arborists can’t cut trees totally flush with the ground, so there is always a stump remaining. The  grinder removes the wood to be below the ground level.  The grinding process produces a ton of chipped wood. The chips can be used to fill the shallow hole where the  tree stood or hauled offsite.


What does stump grinding look like?

It looks like a massive circular saw, about the size of a lawn mower. This machine is on wheels, and is driven over to the stump while the arborist walks behind it. Once it’s placed over the stump, the blade rotates quickly like a saw and rips into the wood. The operator stands behind a protective shield while guiding the black back and forth over the stump.


How long does stump grinding take?

Typically a stump can be ground and the site cleaned up of wood chips within a couple hours.


Why do I need stump grinding?

Once a tree is cut down, the stump and roots of the tree remain in the ground. Over time they will deteriorate, and occasionally put out new shoots. If you don’t mind the stump being there, that is fine. But you may have to keep up with pruning sprouts that emerge.

Most customers like to have stumps in their lawn removed and the lawn be flush in that area. Then, the stump does not become an obstacle to mow around or an eyesore. Once the stump is ground, you can cover the area with topsoil and plant grass seed overtop so it fits with the rest of the yard.

Unless you have heavy equipment, you will not be able to remove the stump on your own. This is not something that can be done by hand or with conventional tools.


Call Manor Tree Service for Stump Removal

If you are considering having a stump removed, give us a call. We’d be happy to take a look at your situation and assess any other trees that may need maintenance on your property.