Does This Giant Tree in My Yard Really Add Value to My Property?

In an online forum was posed this commonly asked arbor question. A woman was asking a group of property appraisers if she should spare a giant old tree next to her house. This was her story. She was fed up with the hassle and cost of having it trimmed every two years. It was right next to her house and had a HUGE canopy that hung over her roof. It dropped sticks. It dropped piles and piles of small leaves. She said it had a diameter of about 5 feet. It was a menace. She wanted it gone.

This woman was not sentimental.

Once she made the decision to have the tree taken out she called an arborist to take a look and give her an estimate. You’d think the tree service contractor would show up and whistle to himself while he was figuring the huge fee for taking down such a monster tree. Payday right?

Not exactly.

Would you believe that he told her that he wouldn’t feel right taking the tree down? According to him it added $10-15k to the value of her property. Well that was a game changer. Sure she was tired of paying to have it pruned every two years – not a cheap thing to do, but $15,000? She wasn’t gung-ho to cut down a tree that was worth so much standing.

Definitely a “get-a-second-opinion” type of girl, she wrote into this appraisers’ forum online. Keep in mind this is a home and property appraisers group, not a group of landscapers or arborists. What they told her will help you make a decision about the trees on your property, whether you love them or hate them.

(Let’s discount the fact that certain trees have timber value. We’re merely discussing the aesthetic value of the tree on her property.)

One savvy gentleman’s comments (which were really questions) turned my head around, and yet he made it so simple:

“Are you planning on selling your house in the near future? If so, let the new owner make a decision about the tree. If you’re planning on staying, why be concerned about the sale value of your property. The tree is costing you to maintain it.”

Simple. No B.S. No fluff.

People with an agenda will say all sorts of things. If they do roofs they’ll tell you why you should replace your roof. If they do blacktop, they’ll tell you how a blacktopped driveway increases the value of your property. Do tree guys do this sort of stuff too? Of course. But you know this lady’s question on the internet reminded me that the answer is simple.

If you want to have mature trees you’ll need to take care of them, so they grow beautiful and strong. You should hire a professional tree service, especially when it comes to pruning big trees. There are a lot of dangers in working up high with such powerful heavy trunks and limbs. It just makes sense.

If you want to take down trees, especially big trees that are close to your house, again, you should have an experienced tree service professional come look at the job. They will take care to do it safely.

I think the woman in the forum got dollar signs in her eyes and it made her lose her clarity of thought. Really, most of us have a gut feeling about things and that’s generally the way we should go.

So if you have an old tree or trees that you’re ready to say “goodbye” to, give Manor Tree Service a call. It’ll save you money in the long run.

On the other hand if you want to keep your trees around for years to come and you think they may need a “tree surgeon’s” eye on them – call Manor Tree Service. We’ll give you an honest assessment and recommendations about what needs to be done (if anything).

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