You hate to have to make the call to get emergency tree service. But life happens, and it can be scary. Sometimes powerful thunderstorms, tornados, or microbursts roll through and split trees or telephone poles in half. Occasionally trees fall on a vehicle, home, structure, fence or across a driveway. And perhaps there was very little you could have done to prevent them. For those unfortunately incidents, we can help.

Emergency Tree Service – Here are 3 typical scenarios many homeowners face:

Tree Starting to Fall. Sometimes in saturating conditions, trees will begin to uproot and lean in one direction. Root balls or a few roots will detach and emerge from the ground. Call our tree service company immediately to take care of this, especially if it will cause property damage.

Trees Fallen on Driveways. In cases where you’ve had a tree fall across your driveway, assess the situation. For small trees, you may be able to drag it out of the way or cut it up yourself. If it’s a big one we will come cut it off and haul it offsite in logs and chips. We will restore the ground to its original condition so you will never even know we were there. In most cases, if there is no damage to a structure, the insurance company will not likely need to be involved in most cases.

Trees Fallen on Cars, Structures, and Homes. This is unfortunately a more difficult situation. Document the incident immediately with extensive photos from all angles. Try to light up the area for photos as well as you can. Document the date, time, storm event and all damage related to the tree fall. Call the insurance company immediately to report the incident.

Follow up inspections from contractors will be necessary to determine the overall damage to the structure. The insurance adjuster will also review the site to assess the damage.


Insurance Involvement for Claims for Tree Damage

Note: the insurance company will review the tree’s condition to determine if you were negligent for not removing a hazardous tree. If they determine it should have been managed, they will reduce the scope and value of the claim. Be sure to do good pro-active tree maintenance to make sure you’re never in this spot.


Important: Never try to cut a partially fallen tree. There are many pressure points, weight and stresses on the tree that turns this into a very dangerous situation. Our crane will support the tree where it is so the tree can be cut up safely and removed.


How Manor Tree Service can help local residents in emergency tree service situations:

As professional, licensed and insured arborists, we will:

Be prepared! We recently provided emergency tree service in Phoenix, MD. We removed a tree that had split and fell on a home. Although it was healthy, the tree had grown too top heavy and big gusts from a passing storm caused half the tree to break off and fall. Some pruning and trimming ahead of time could have prevented the incident.

With 36 years of experience, we will quickly help you through a stressful emergency situation with our commitment to customer service and good communication. When you need quick and priority tree service, call us!  Looking for pro-active tree management? Call our office at or fill out a quote request form online.