If you have a lot of trees that need to be cleared for residential building, there are many steps before the building process can begin. This process has to be done carefully and correctly, so there are no problems during the construction phase.

The land needs to be cleared of rocks and trees, to be leveled, and to be compacted for the construction of the structure.

Lot Clearing Is Complex in Maryland

Once permitting is complete, an arborist should assess the lot and see what trees are of value. Some trees may be retained for valuable timber, while other less desirable trees will be chipped into mulch. Once those trees are marked, the tree clearing can begin. Typically, the trees are cut at the base and loaded into log trucks or chipped.

Then, stumps are dug out of the ground, in a step called “grubbing”. In some cases, where structural excavation will not occur, the root systems can be left in place and the stump ground down to grade. Once the ground has been disturbed often the ground is stabilized with seed and mulch until the next phase of construction occurs.

It is important to keep the lot clearing process in the proper order to prevent delays in the project or inefficiencies with the usage of equipment and labor.

Land Clearing Safety

Lot clearing is a dangerous task. Hiring an experienced tree service company to do the work for you is the safest way to prepare your land for construction, especially in Harford and Baltimore County, MD.  Many smaller companies do not have the time or the training to clear trees and rocks efficiently and safely, which is the first step in preparing your lot for the construction of your house and if done incorrectly will result in problems later, or cause you to fall behind schedule.

Trees You Want to Keep While Lot Clearing

Having mature trees on your property is a luxury that many homeowners long for but have to wait many years. Before building, you should look over your property and see which trees you would like to keep on your property. It is important to inspect them before you start clearing the land to avoid the possibility of removing a valuable asset or keeping a tree that may be old or diseased that would only need to be removed later.

Trees can be damaged during construction. It is important to be sure they are a safe distance away from the building and will not interfere with the building process. Tree roots can damage walkways and roads but are not often the cause of damage to foundations but should be kept a safe distance to prevent damage to plumbing around the house.

Land Clearing Can Help Pull In Extra Cash

Depending on the type of trees on your lot, you may be able to sell them to a timber company for some extra cash. Be sure to talk to your tree service contractor about what you want to do with the lumber after it has been removed. Another option for the timber is to use it as firewood or use it to build something yourself.

Choosing a Tree Service Contractor In Maryland

Getting ready to build your home on a lot filled with trees is a long process, but it allows you to customize your property the exact way you want it. Only consider experienced, licensed contractors who have a great reputation in Maryland with plenty of projects to reference for work. Check reviews, get references and make sure you walk the lot with them to confirm they will communicate well and give you a reasonable price.

A good tree service company will want to ask a lot of questions to make sure they understand the goals of the project and the exact scope of work.

Avoid contractors who just want to get the lot cleared as quickly as possible and leave. If they didn’t do something right, you might not be able to track them down later.

Remember, the cheapest is definitely not always the best tree service company, especially when you’re expecting them to get the job done right the first time.

The process of building a new house is a long one, but it can be rewarding. Working with the right tree service company will help you get the job started on the right foot.

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