Tree Removal

Whether your tree is right beside your house or in the backyard, Manor Tree Service has the right equipment and skills to remove the tree safely without any damage to your property. We have our own crane which we use on many of our removals to make it go faster and safer. We can haul away all brush, logs and debris. We can also leave wood for firewood and leave our wood chips for you to use around the house. Either way Manor Tree Service will leave your property in tip top shape. We stand behind our work.


A balanced good crown cleaning and thinning can be very beneficial to your trees and your property. Pruning is removing any broken damaged limbs, along with any dead wood. In a lot of cases, instead of removing the tree you can clean it up and thin the interior crown, which will allow more sunlight to your yard. Pruning must be done right. Branches must be cut back to appropriate laterals. Trees need their canopy for food intake. Cutting a tree back to far can have very negative effects. The tree will sprout out heavily trying to gain energy from the leaves. Often times the tree can even decline if not pruned properly.  Manor Tree Service holds the highest standards for proper pruning.


Trees sometimes need help maintaining balance and shape for an aesthetically pleasing look. Long ends can be cut back, crown can be reduced as well as taken up for visual purposes. If you are not sure with what to do with your trees, Mike will be happy to give you some expert suggestions.

Stump Grinding

After removing a tree the stump is cut flush with the ground. Manor Tree Service can also grind your stump out below grade. After grinding the stump is turned into wood chips. That can be removed and replaced with top soil and grass seed to expand your yard.


Many trees grow with co-dominant stems. The tree has several main liters. Often times as the tree matures these stems become weak points. Sometimes it is beneficial to put support cables in to help hold the trees together, also the tree can be lightened up by taking some weight out of it (removing some of the foliage).  Sometimes however the tree is deemed unsafe and should be removed. Depending on where the tree is located on your property will have a major role in this decision. A tree in the middle of the woods versus a tree next to your house is an example.

Lot & Land Clearing

Whether you are building a new home and need forest land cleared, or you have overgrown areas you want to reclaim, Manor Tree Service has the equipment and skills to get the job done safely and efficiently.  When clearing forest land for building, there are very important measures to take when it comes to preserving mature trees you want to keep that will be near the area of construction. Construction damage is one of the biggest threats to trees. Often times the impacts of construction damage does not appear until several years later, such as leaf die-back and trunk wounds and suffocation from over impacted soils.  Let the experts at Manor Tree Service help you with your clearing and preserving needs.

Emergency Work

Manor Tree Service is on call whenever you need us in case of emergency. Whether you have a tree down on your house, car, blocking your driveway, a partially broken limb hanging, a tree that has cracked, or a tree that is starting to up root and is getting ready to fall.  Never try and cut a partially fallen tree. There are many pressure points that can be extremely dangerous when cut.

Property Evaluations

Manor Tree Service also offer free property evaluations. Whether you’re buying a new home, or just want an expert to look over your existing trees on your property. Manor Tree Service can meet with you and look over your trees. We don’t try and sell you anything you don’t need. We believe in honestly and integrity. You can always count on Mike to treat you right.

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