Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall.  Of all four seasons, Spring triggers the biggest burst of life and growth for trees. Trees exert a huge measure of energy in the Spring as they undergo a massive metabolic growth spurt.

It starts with sunlight. As the days begin to get longer, cells in the wood of the tree detect the longer duration of daylight along with warmer temperatures. Buds on the branches of trees resulting in those strikingly beautiful flowers on bare limbed trees – think Red buds, Dogwoods, Magnolias, and Cherry.

Unless we get a bad Spring freeze… It takes a lot of energy for a tree to open its buds, and most plants only have enough energy to do it once. So when temperatures suddenly plunge after a period of spring warming, it stalls the budding process. Many trees don’t have enough energy to go through second round of flower budding, so they’ll move on to put out their leaves.

More leaves, more food, more growth. Once a tree puts its leaves out, it can begin the process of photosynthesis as the tree’s metabolism revs up. With no leaves on the tree over winter, growth and metabolism was stagnant. As the tree “digests” more and more sunlight, via photosynthesis, it creates sugars which generates new growth. Twigs and limbs grow in both length and width. Bark expands and thickens to protect the new growth.

Roots dig a little deeper. As the canopy, size and mass of the tree wood has increased, the roots of the tree must reach further to supply more water and nutrients to the tree. Root tips extend into the soil in both depth and width as necessary to support tree metabolism.

What can I do for my trees in Spring?

At Manor Tree Service, we can help you manage your trees so they experience optimal health and shape that compliment your property and are safe.

If we can answer any questions you have about caring for your current trees or – call us! We will come to your property, provide a free tree assessment, outline recommendations and an action plan (if necessary) and answer tree questions.