The historic Ma & Pa Railroad in 1946 in Glen Arm, MD

We provide the best tree care for residents in Glen Arm, MD.

Our family started Manor Tree Service in Glen Arm, MD approximately forty years ago to provide tree care services for residents in neighboring communities. At the time, our small family lived on Manor Road. As we grew, we moved to a larger farm in Darlington, MD in eastern Harford County.

I always loved living in Glen Arm. Our customers (our neighbors, really) were good to us and always thought of us first for tree maintenance. Though we moved a little further east, we still preserve those friendships as we continue to serve the Glen Arm community.

History of Glen Arm, MD

Glen Arm used to be a part of Old Harford Road, which connected Harford and Baltimore Counties and southern Pennsylvania to Baltimore. It was a major route for carrying agriculture products and tied into the Ma and Pa Railroad. In the above photo you can see a the railroad passing through town circa 1946.

I would call Glen Arm an older community – and as a result there are a lot of mature trees and forests in the area. Mature trees are the ones most likely to cause issues and need maintenance. There are families that have been established in the area for centuries. Families in Glen Arm served in the wars and noted historic places and buildings are in the town’s limits. Close to Loch Raven Reservoir, residents of Glen Arm are involved in their community, environmentally conscious and good stewards of their property.

Here are some of the communities where we provide tree care in Glen Arm:

  • Dulaney Valley Rd

    • We provide tree service on the north end of Dulaney Valley Rd where it runs into Manor Road. The Dulaney Valley / Loch Raven area is heavily wooded once you enter the park.
  • Long Green Pike

    • This road is primarily agriculture and farms but as you approach Baldwin, MD there are more homes who are able to benefit from occasional tree service.
  • Manor Road

    • We work in and around the neighborhoods off of Manor Road. We provide a lot of tree trimming, cutting and removal around people’s homes off Manor Road and Carrol Manor Road.
  • Long Green Road

    • A mix of agricultural farms and single family homes, residents along Long Green Road often call us for tree service.
  • Windemere

    • Many homes along Windemere sit on lots with mature trees. We provide tree trimming and removal services to these
  • Woodmont

    • Residents in the Woodmont community occasionally call us for tree service when they need it. A good bit of the development here is newer so there aren’t as many foreboding trees to worry about just yet.
  • Sweet Air Rd

    • On the north end of Manor Road there are a lot of developments along Sweet Air Rd east of Jacksonville, MD. We have provided tree service to many of these homes.

We have found the tree care residents in Glen Arm, MD to be loyal, grateful and easy to work with and are a big part of our business.

If you need tree care in or near Glen Arm, MD (including, Monkton, Baldwin, Phoenix and Jacksonville)  – give us a call!

If you are local to and need tree service in or near Glen Arm, MD (including, Monkton, Baldwin, Phoenix and Jacksonville) we would be happy to stop by to meet you and provide a free tree assessment. We also serve north and east Baltimore County, MD and western Harford County, MD. Call us today or fill out a quote request for here.

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