Tree Service Truck parked on tree removal in Fallston, MD

We are a reputable, trustworthy company providing tree service in Fallston, MD. With over 40 years of experience serving western Harford County and eastern Baltimore County, we take pride in having long-term relationships with faithful customers. We operate with all best safety protocol and are fully insured and licensed arborists in Maryland.

Here are many tree care and tree services we deliver in Fallston, MD:

  • Tree Removal and Cutting
    • Whether it’s a small tree or multiple large trees, we can handle the job. We remove trees for aesthetic reasons and to help manage risk. We use a crane so the removal is fully controlled.
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
    • We trim trees for management and reducing risky over-hanging branches that are in proximity to your home, vehicle parking area or structure. 
  • Hazard Trees
    • If you have what appears to be a dead or diseased tree likely to fall on your own property or someone else’s property, it should be dealt with right away. It’s possible the very next storm that comes along could take the tree down.
    • Note, insurance often does not cover tree damage as a result of the property owner’s neglect or lack of tree care. Be sure to schedule a free tree assessment with us to see if you have any trees that would qualify as hazard trees.
  • Stump Grinding
    • Once a tree has been removed we offer stump grinding services to restore your yard to a flat contour where grass can grow again.
  • Tree Shaping
    • If you have decorative, ornamental trees, or a row of trees lining your driveway, occasionally they benefit from shaping to a neat, balanced look to complement your landscape and property. 
  • Emergency Work
    • Accidents especially from storm damage. If you have a tree land on your roof, shed or car, we’ll prioritize you to quickly remove the tree and start the restoration process.
  • Lot and Land Clearing
    • If you have an undeveloped lot we can removal all necessary trees on it for you with our lot clearing services. If you want to expand your current land for a new building or structure, we will remove any trees needed to make developable area. We can do partial clearing or larger, more expansive lots of several acres.
  • Property Evaluations and Assessments
    • We offer free property evaluations and assessments for anyone who wants to understand the value and risks of keeping certain trees in place. We can offer a suggested plan for providing long term tree care to best maximize on those well maintained, healthy trees that increase your property value.

We have a long history working with and providing tree care to Fallston, MD. We work anywhere along Maryland Route 152 and Maryland Route 146. Located in nearby Glen Arm, MD, we are local and only a short drive away, saving you money in commute time relative to other more remote tree companies.

If you are local to and need tree service in Fallston, we would be happy to stop by to meet you and provide a free tree assessment. Call us today or fill out an online quote request form here.

Available Tree Service in Fallston, MD