Long Green Pike, Hydes, MD

If you’re in need of tree removal or trimming services in Hydes, MD, we’re just a call away! We are professional arborists – period. We’re licensed, experienced and put a premium on safety. We also have excellent local reviews and a solid reputation. Established in Glen Arm, we’ve been working in eastern Baltimore County for nearly 40 years. Rest assured, we can handle any tree issues you have.

Here are some of tree care and tree services we offer in Hydes, MD:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
    • Trees need to be trimmed to keep them healthy, beautiful and from becoming problem trees if they are near your home or structure. We can trim branches for safety, aesthetics and shaping for tree health.
  • Tree removal and cutting
    • Some times trees just need to come down. Whether they’re dead, dying, a safety hazard, or just don’t fit your landscaping goals. We can remove trees and grind the stump down to a smooth yard.
  • Hazard Trees
    • Dead trees? Diseased trees? They need to come down in order to prevent damage to you, your property or your neighbor. All it takes is one thunderstorm or windy day to take it down. Don’t take chances, get it taken care of quickly.
    • Note, insurance often does not cover tree damage as a result of the property owner’s neglect or lack of tree care. Be sure to schedule a free tree assessment with us to see if you have any trees that would qualify as hazard trees.
  • Stump grinding
    • Once we cut down a tree we can grind the stump to make your yard smooth and hospitable to new grass and sod.
  • Tree Shaping
    • If your landscape benefits from beautifully shaped trees, we can help. We offer tree shaping to help keep your trees, especially in your front yard and along your driveway, beautiful and healthy.
  • Emergency work
    • Accidents happen, and we prioritize those emergency cases. Whether a tree falls on your car, roof, driveway, or fence, we will help clean up the tree as quickly as possible.
  • Lot and Land Clearing
    • If you’re planning to build onto a wooded lot, expand your current lot, or place a driveway, we offer lot and land clearing to make the property suitable for your development goals.
  • Property Evaluations and Assessments
    • We offer free property evaluations and assessments for those who need to understand the trees that do and don’t need to be services on their property. We can provide a suggested plan for maintaining the property and when certain trees should be cut or trimmed. The major advantage of this is that a solid tree maintenance plan will help you achieve maximum property value and minimize hazard tree situations.

We greatly enjoy serving local residents in Hydes and the surrounding areas in Harford and Baltimore Counties. Located in nearby Glen Arm, MD, we are a short commute from your home so you won’t lose time or money on drive time like you would at other Baltimore tree companies.

If you are local to and need tree service in Hydes, MD, we would be happy to stop by to meet you and provide a free tree assessment. Call us today or fill out a quote request for here.

Tree Services in Hydes, MD