Instead of flying south, many species of birds overwinter in Maryland and survive by foraging and or harvesting caches of seeds and nuts they’ve hidden in your yard.  How do these little birds manage to subsist in these cold, dark months?

In Maryland, a variety of native trees play crucial roles in supporting overwintering birds by providing seeds and fruits as a food source. These trees not only offer sustenance but also contribute to the overall biodiversity of the region. Some of the key tree species that support overwintering birds in Maryland include:

These are just a few examples of the many tree species found in Maryland that provide seeds and fruits to support overwintering birds. By planting and preserving native trees in their natural habitats, we can help ensure that these vital food sources remain available for birds throughout the winter season.

Trees are a keystone element in our ecosystem, and we are cautious in determining whether or not to remove, or proactively manage a tree that doesn’t pose any risk or harm toward people or property. If you need expert arborist tree service in the greater Glen Arm area, contact us today!