The holiday season is here!  This season is all about gathering with family and friends, sparkling lights and décor, and…pine trees?  Yes, this is the time of year where the spotlight is on the pine tree – whether lit up and decorated in our homes, or outside as part of our landscape with its boughs covered in winter snows.  So what makes these trees especially suited for the winter season?

Pine trees don’t just tend to survive in extreme winter conditions – they thrive.  They can be found in most high-altitude locations, sub-zero climates and arid locations, and locations that are prone to natural disasters like wildfires.  There are many adaptations that allow for this versatility that other deciduous trees do not have:

Fortunately, our climate in this area also allows for the growth of varieties of these beautiful pines in our own backyards and landscape.  If you have questions about helping your pine trees thrive in your own space, have concerns about a possible infestation of your trees, or need to have your pines pruned, contact Manor Tree Service!  Our professional arborists are happy to come to assess your trees as well as your needs to ensure that these magnificent trees stay healthy and that your home is safe from harm’s way during this holiday season.  Give us a call today!